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    Bobby George - Oversight of G-Five Ranch in Yampa, Colorado


    Based in Yampa, Bobby George has maintained the G-Five Ranch since 1988 and is a fourth generation Colorado rancher. Raising cattle in a highland setting, he ensures that they are well fed and comfortably housed throughout the winter. In the spring, Bobby George manages calving and property irrigation, and he transports cattle to areas of fresh grass from mid-May to November.


    Mr. George also oversees aspects of operations such as haying, and he ships his herd out as October comes to a close. A certified welder, he is experienced in diverse aspects of machinery upkeep and repair, and he previously ran a backhoe company that undertook assignments such as ditch and water line digging.


    Bobby George’s background also includes maintaining a sheep shearing business, and he ensured that animals were shorn of their fleece prior to the hot months of summer. Bobby George’s range of experience extends to roping and doctoring cattle, and in his free time he enjoys activities such as practicing rodeo and training horses with his daughters.


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  • Education

    Soroco High school

    Aug 1, 1980 - May 1, 1984

  • Professional Experience


    G-five ranch

    May 1, 1988 - Present

    Ranch owner/boss

    Sheep shearer

    Jan 1, 1983 - Jan 1, 2013

    Sheep shearer


    Jan 1, 1988 - Jan 1, 1995

    Backhoer-boss-self employed

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